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PC Repair & Upgrade

PC hardware problems investigated and repaired.  In need of better graphics or more memory? We can assess the options of upgrading your PC to improve it’s performance in the most cost effective manner.

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Printer/Scanner/Copier etc. supply & Installation

We can supply and install these at competitive prices. Alternatively we can install hardware that you have purchased elsewhere.

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Would you like to be able to use your PC with a bit more confidence? We can provide you with the know how for a large range of tasks from Browsing the internet to Importing Photos from your digital camera.

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Software Installation

Sometimes getting software to install properly can be confusing and annoying. We can install software and test it for to ensure it is working correctly.


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Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Are you experiencing problems with your systems? We will troubleshoot and perform maintenance to resolve any issues and restore normal functionality.


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Backup & Anti-Virus Solutions

Don’t risk losing your photo’s or personal files by not having a backup system in place. We can recommend and implement backup systems to suit you. Also, you don’t want a virus to cause you to lose your files. We supply and install Anti-virus software to ensure you stay protected.

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Data Recovery

If your PC has crashed and no longer boots into Windows. You may think that all of your photo’s and documents are lost, this is not necessarily the case. CALL US IMMEDIATELY. We have tools available to us that can retrieve data from non booting disks and even formatted disks. So you don’t lose those important Documents or Family Photographs.

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IT Services Bristol provided us with a bespoke and appropriate solution to suit our IT needs. Matt worked within our tight budget but still supplied quality equipment, software and a professional service. He worked professionally with other contractors on site and liaised with suppliers of equipment and proprietary software, making setting up a painless task!

Halton House Dental Centre

To say we are 100% happy is an understatement, Web Creation have delivered everything and more we have asked from them during our time as a customer. I would recommend  IT Services Bristol to anybody.

Paul Booth
Blackburn Clothes Ltd

I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication put in to my website. I am appearing top of the search engines. Thanks again for your on-going support

Jamie Shore
WBA F.C Development Centre