IT Support Services

Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, PC & Server Support

We support both the hardware and software (including Microsoft Operating Systems) of PCs and Servers. 

Network Design & Implementation

We are able to design and implement a network to fully suit your business needs. Your network can be Wired/Wireless or a mixture of both.

Backup & Anti-Virus Solutions

Don’t risk losing your data files by neglecting to have a proper backup system in place. We can recommend and implement backup systems to suit any size business or budget. Also, you don’t want the hassle, downtime or the stigma attached to having a virus on your systems. We supply and install Anti-virus software to ensure you stay protected.

Data Recovery

If you have a PC crash that causes it to no longer boot and you think that your data is lost, CALL US IMMEDIATELY. We have tools available to us that can retrieve data from non booting disks and even formatted disks. Don’t lose those important Documents/Spreadsheets/Databases.

Software Installation & Licensing

We are able to supply a huge selection of software in a wide range of categories that can simplify the day to day running of your business. Don’t get caught out by not having enough licences for the software you use. The Federation Against Software Theft (F.A.S.T.) can fine you large sums of money if you are found to be in breach of software licensing. Don’t take the risk!

Hardware Supply/Upgrade, Installation & Support

If your Systems aren’t performing their tasks sufficiently, we will assess the options of upgrading to improve performance in the most cost effective manner. If it isn’t cost effective to upgrade your current systems we will provide advice and recommend new replacements that we can supply to you at competitive prices.

Remote Access

Do you need to connect to your work PC from home? Or perhaps connect two offices together? There are various ways to achieve this. Call us to discuss your options.

Cloud Based Software Solutions

Including MS Exchange, Online Backup, MS Office 365, Sharepoint.


Our friendly team are available from 8am till 5pm Monday to Friday on

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